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Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Cupcake Cottons girls.
The American Quilt Store

Close up of the Winning Miniature and Best In Show

This American Life by Susan Shie

Another nice day at the Festival of Quilts catching up with old friends and people I forgot to say hi to on Thursday I also needed to photograph them on their stands.

It was Steph and Jacky's first FOQ and their stand looked really lovely- Pretty soon they will be opening a shop. Up to now their business has been Internet based. So keep and eye on their web site for the new address and opening event at Cup Cake Cottons .
I also stopped by and said hello to Fiona and her mum on the The American Quilt Store . Fiona hates being photographed and would not look up even though I took 3 photo's.

When I photographed the winning quilt I don't think you could get any idea of the detail in it so am posting a close up - I had to ask some unsuspecting person to stick their hand next to some of the miniatures as it is hard to tell how small their really were. I was really impressed with the miniatures this year. One thing for sure is I don't think I will ever have the patience to make one plus the fact miniatures WOULD NOT make a dent in my fabric stash. LOL

Not that I am into Art or Contemporary quilts but I did like the work of Susan Shie entitled This American Life- her work is described as always narrative usually including her written thought with the Imagery. It was very different.

Till next time


  1. Good idea to use a hand to show the scale of those quilts. The detail on them was quite amazing. Loved the Cupcake Cottons stand. They had some very pretty kits.

  2. I like the American Life quilts even though, like you I am more into traditional quilts. Those miniatures are amazing!

  3. The hand really does give it perspective! Amazing.
    Cupcake Cotton has such a cute booth!!

  4. Hi Sue,
    it was great at Birmingham,sorry i haven't see you.I liked the miniatures also.There where such a lovely quilts.I come back again in 2years.

  5. Thank you Sue for posting our picture! I think we could both do with a make-over, but hey ho! We loved the winning miniature quilt as well. Lovely to see you!
    Jacky and Steph

  6. The miniature quilts were really incredible weren't they?And thank you, you've posted pics of my favourite stands.
    From Sue,yourPIC,jetlagged + truly sleepless in Seattle,but still looking forward soo much to my class at the Buggy Barn in the morning!

  7. that tiny quilt is incredible!
    What great eye candy today--
    I've been away and have to catch up on what you've been doing..