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Friday, 25 June 2010

Goose in the Pond & Klosjes

MERY Obviously feeling its great to be alive.

Well I don't know where this week has gone but only have 2 klosjes to show for my efforts- But it does now bring my total to 50 so theirs a milestone.

I am going through my UFO's and endeavoring to finish things. Our quilt group has an exhibition every 3 years and although April next year sounds a long way off their is plenty to do before then.

I started this goose in the pond after the Festival of Quilts last August. I had bought the fabric from Fiona at the The American Quilt Store. I was so excited with it that I rushed home and got started- all was fine until I thought I had finished the top .It was lacking that little something so it got put away. That little something was a border so this week I set to and made far to much binding and these leaves to go round the edge.
I am a much happier girlie tonight now I can see how its coming along.

The garden is coming along wonderfully , everything is looking so healthy and blooming and it is a joy to walk round the garden early evening - the scent from the Philadelphus just fills the air and as you can see Mery really looks pleased to be alive basking in the sun.

Till next time


  1. LOVE the goose in the pond quilt and the border will really set it off nicely!!
    2 spools at a time and then you have many...
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I love that pattern Sue, it is going to be beautiful when it is quilted. Surprising how soon that deadline comes around. I always leave it till the last minute - some people never learn. Have good weekend.

  3. The goose in the pond is lovely & the border is a great finish.
    Two more klosjes...50 in toal..congratulations!

  4. oh Sue I love your goose in the pond quilt
    just beautiful. I just finished one too!

    can't wait to see how you quilt it.
    enjoy your weekend

  5. That is going to be one gorgeous quilt Sue!
    Happy sunny weekend!!

  6. You're right. That border sets off the blocks beautifully! It's stunning.
    Slow and steady with the klosjes. Your total keeps rising.

  7. A lovely quilt with a border that sets it off beautifully.

  8. Lovely border for your Goose in the Pond, it looks terrific. Wonder if there's a second, wider border somewhere ... perhaps a topic to be contemplated from your fab revamped deckchairs?

  9. That red and green is a stunner!!
    How will you quilt it?