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Sunday, 6 June 2010


This Little Monkey

This week has flown by and my Klosjes count for the week is . DRUM ROLL 3- Pathetic.

I have been concentrating on getting the Dutch quilt right. Its going to be OK (I THINK) and am liking how it is coming along.

Well the other thing that has been going on is sewing the binding on this star quilt that I have made for Ken and Sue my dear friends that look after my little monkey ( MERY) when I go off on my holidays.
They don't know they are getting it- but hope what I have chosen is appropriate for them. They love the outdoors and I feel they should live in a cabin in the woods.

Mery has such a good time with them as they are always out and about. I am sure she goes into a deep depression when she gets back home as I can only manage about 45 mins if she is lucky a day. I swear she gives me one of those looks to say IS THAT IT!

We did however manage a few hours on Friday when an old friend came to see us. We walked all around Guiting Woods and this is where Mery dunked herself in the small stream to cool off . She wasn't smelling very pleasant when she came back home I can tell you.

As for the Klosjes, Well Susan must do better. That's just what my school report always said, Funny how those words come back to haunt me.



  1. Love those klosjes,
    love your beautiful gift quilt,
    love, love, love the way your Dutch quilt is growing!

  2. Hi Sue...three klosjes is not nothing, and they are beautiful! I also love the Dutch quilt, I am glad for you that you find a way around the problem

  3. I am betting that your friends will be thrilled with their gift. Three klosjes is still better than none. There have gone several weeks where I haven't managed to make any. Thought about you today as we went to Barrington Court, NT and saw some really beautiful peonies. I think you would have liked them.

  4. 3 Klosjes for the week is fine Sue. I am only doing 5 a week because I still want to work on my other projects.

    Your star quilt is lovely and I am sure your friends will love it.

    I love the Dutch quilt and can't wait to see this one finished.

  5. The Star quilt is absolutely fabulous and I am sure your friends will be delighted. Mery looks like she is having great fun!!!

  6. I'm sure your friends will love teh quilt you made for them.
    Mery looks like she could be a handful:)

  7. 3 klosjes is indeed much better than none and you've got real progress on the Dutch quilt as well as a super quilt that anyone would be over the moon to receive. I get the same "is that it?" from our collie - damp or otherwise!