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Thursday, 3 June 2010

When It Dosen't Fit


This small quilt was in with the UFO's. You might wonder why it is a UFO when it is such a beautiful thing.

The kit was purchased from Petra Prins some years ago. It only had a diagram of the quilt, template diagram and some written instruction.

I found working with the templates difficult as I kept losing my points and also it said . You will be 1/4 inch short in one area, so use your imagination!

This quilt has been un-picked and borders re-cut several times and came to the point I was running out of fabric so it just got put away. I have now added the outer border which again doesn't fit, but that is how its going to stay as lots of old quilts had odd pieces in them.
I am going to continue with it and just see how things turn out.Fortunately I managed to buy some fabric at Paducah that will mix in nicely.

The kit originally used Mary Kovals- Marys Muslins . I will be adding some tea dyed and Plantation from Nancy Gere range.I hope it will look beautiful when it is finished as I believe the centre piece is a vintage textile.

I do love everything Petra Prins produces , she has fabulous taste, you can never get anywhere near her stand when she comes over for the Festival of Quilts in August each year.We always are wondering what beautiful quilts she is going to bring with her.

Also fancied a change of header and this quilt is made from fabric I purchased at the New England Quilt Museum and Yankee Pride Quilts when I made my trip to the Vermont Quilt Festival 3 years ago. Its Judie Rothermels Regency Collection.I still have lots of it so maybe I will have to start making some small doll quilts :-)

Till Next Time

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  1. I know what you mean about getting to Petra Prins's stand I visited it several times as there was a beautiful red and white quilt hanging at the stall and I just couldn't take my eyes off it. I will be interested to see what you do with your block. It does look pretty. Like the new header quilt.

  2. I always love visiting the Petra Prins stand too--in fact that's usually where we bump into each other--I had a similar problem with one of the quilt projects I bought + I had to add quite a bit of extra fabric. However I love ALL the fabrics, quilts etc + I still happily give into temptation.
    Your quilt in the blog header is just gorgeous--I'm envious again!!

  3. Whether the border is an exact fit or not the quilt still looks good - as does your new header!

  4. I love the new header - you are clever to be able to work out how to get it just right. The quilt is lovely and worth taking the trouble. It will look even better after it is finished and quilted.

  5. That's a little frustrating when things don't fit the way they should. It's a beautiful quilt.

    I'm in love with your new header quilt. It looks like an antique, well worned and loved. The fan quilting is my favorite!!

  6. I'll chime in about the lovely new header!

    It's too bad that the pattern wasn't accurate, but I'm glad that you are forging ahead, because this is truly gorgeous and simply must be finished!

    Perfectionism is a disease (and I have an acute case!), so I continue to admire the quilters that step back, say "I'm NOT going to fix that mistake" and go forth to finish a beautiful quilt that has more character than if it had been "perfect."

    I'm learning. : )

    Thanks for sharing this, and I can't wait to see what you do with it!

    ~ Ronda

  7. I am glad you have decided to keep going with the quilt as it is already stunningly beautiful. I love your new header quilt - gorgeous.

  8. when thing don't fit for me, I cut them off. it's been freeing. That is what the women in the old days did, so I've given myself permission.
    Love the header quilt - have you done a post on that quilt?

  9. I say just enjoy the process of making the quilt, and how it turns out is perfect because you made it!!!