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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Strip Robin




This is my strip robin quilt which I have just finished putting binding on- I seem to have been sewing lots of bindings on over the last few weeks , That's what happens when you get 4 quilts back from the Longarm quilter.

The strip robin was a project which the quilt group I belong to decided to do last year. The brief was up to 42in width of fabric to as small as you like.
First month you did your own row which was stars then you passed your bag on by placing your bag on a table at the meeting. The bags were all brown paper so we just didn't have a clue who's we were taking.
You could also put fabric in your bag and a little book with what sort of look you were after and also asked to complete a small diary of what was happening in the news when you were working on your fellow members blocks.
Second row was log cabin or stripes- 3rd applique- 4th houses and trees 5th was your own choice of blocks.
We then got back the 5 strips and it was up to you how you put them together.

I love doing flying geese so that's the treatment my quilt got. I also chose to back it in flannel and found this lovely flannel backing when I was visiting Vermont last year. It really feels like it is one to cosy up into in the sofa on a cold winters night. OR maybe I should have a log cabin in the woods it would seem appropriate to that too.

Klosjes this week 6 Total 48.
On the subject of Klosjes- Dorothy left a comment asking where and who started this. Can anyone enlighten us. I am just sewing away and enjoying the process.

Till next time Sue
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  1. That is a lovely quilt Sue and what a great idea to add the diary. I need glasses because when I first read I thought you had put blog cabin and had to re read it, duh!! I blame my joining in of the klosjes to Janet at Quiltsalott in Australia as she asked if anyone wanted to join her, but it was around in Holland way before she took up the cause. Maybe someone there knows the answer. I read somewhere the other day that having the middle bit of the block in a different fabric is a full spool. Mine are all one fabric and therefore an empty spool. What does that say do you think?!!

  2. The Strip Robin looks terrific - great idea. Shall we see more of them?

  3. I've done a row robin and had a blast doing it!! Yours is very lovely!! Cute spools too.

  4. Your quilt looks lovely and I love the brown paper bag part. I learnt about Klosjes from Valentina and Nadine but I think they have been around for a while starting in Holland.

  5. The Strip Robin quilt looks great and I love the way your flying geese set it off - a great idea! So far I have resisted the Klosjes as I have too many hand stitching projects on the go but I absolutely love yours and it is tempting!!

  6. Hi , I love your stripquilt - great idea

    Klosjeszaterdag started in Holland by Supergoof Isn't it wonderful how this concept spreads all over the world?
    Your klosjes look great, I love the vintage look