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Monday, 21 June 2010

Peonies & Stanton Gardens




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On Sunday Mery and I went to Stanton to visit the gardens that were open under the National Garden Scheme . It was way to hot for her and at the first opportunity she found this little stream and nearly pulled me in too. She actually just laid down in it for at least 10 mins to cool off and everyone that was passing was having a little chuckle as I was hanging on to her lead down the small bank. Really glad I wore white cotton trousers , Because you guessed it they had brown spotty marks on them when she shook herself.
I found the Mariners Compass design in paving in one garden.Is she a quilter I thought, This is just another idea I have logged for a future quilt or garden project.
Stanton has wonderful old Cotswold houses and in all 20 gardens were open. We finished off with a cream tea I justified the strawberry cream cake with the amount of walking we had done.
The peonies are in my own garden and I don't like the look that Mery is giving me by my lily pond- SHALL I GO IN- It does look tempting.

So today its a flower for you. Enjoy my peonies


  1. Love the mariners compass paving! Your garden looks beautiful. Please tell me, are your peonies Tree Peonies, or the other ones? I have had a tree peony and it has only flowered once and has really struggled. The flower on it was divine but I am wondering if it is a different species to yours as your leaves look a different shape.

    I am laughing with love as I am picturing Mery lying down in the water. Dogs are the best!

  2. Wow! Your peonies are huge a wonderfully gorgeous!!!
    I love the Mariner's compass in the paving stones, too. It's nice there was an area for Mery to get cool! She must have been so hot.It looks like it was a eautiful day.

  3. What beautiful peonies and such lovely shades of pink. Mery certainly knows how to enjoy herself and I am laughing picturing the spotted white trousers!

  4. Do the spotted trousers come in any other colours?!!! The peonies are just gorgeous Sue, what a great looking garden you have there. No excuses needed for a cream tea - for a change we have the weather for it.
    Love Shirley.x

  5. pretty pretty flowers!
    I love the dog photo - chilling off - great