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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Hunters Star and Klosjes

I have been having a little dig around in the UFO box and came out with this Hunters Star top. It was my test piece when I bought Deb Tuckers Rapid fire Hunters star ruler last year at the Vermont Quilt Festival. You may remember back in May I put a Hunters Star quilt in to Quilts UK , It was Deb's ruler I used for that quilt.

I saw Deb and her husband again this year in Paducah and bought A lot of these rulers home with me ( Boy They were heavy in my luggage). I am going to be teaching this method of Hunters Star at Cowslip Workshops next March. It is really very accurate and fast method and love it. I want to make another at some point and already bought the fabric. Now just have to find the time to fit another quilt in the list that is my head whirling around.
This top just needed a border adding , Funny how something just sits their for ages being ignored and then you can actually finish it in very little time.

It's 9 klosjes this week . Total now 97.

Probably won't be doing much in the way of sewing this week as I have my Mum coming to stay. It's her Birthday on Tuesday so its a big celebration with my son and girlfriend at a local restaurant. I haven't ordered candles for the cake as we would need the fire brigade to distinguish them, but I am happy that she has made it in pretty good health to 86.


  1. The HUnters Star looks intimidating to make so it's nice to know there is an eaiser way.
    Loving your spools!!

    Happy birthday to your mum!!

  2. Hunters Star is one of my favourites and I haven't seen one that I didn't like. I expect there will be some lovely combinations coming out of Cowslip. Have a great time with your mum.
    Love Shirley.

  3. Great your hunter star.
    And what a lovely klosjes.

  4. Happy birthday to your Mum!!

    I love your Hunters Star top.

  5. The Hunters Start is a really great block and I am sure your workshop will be popular. Enjoy the precious time with your Mother and it is wonderful she is still out and about at 86. Take care.

  6. The Hunters Star is a beautiful pattern. I'm always impressed with anyone who can piece points. Fantastic job! You are obviously a master! I'm so thrilled I discovered your blog. I came over from the QCI blog. ~ Sarah

  7. How funny, my friend and I looked this past year at the hunter star booth for a long long time. She ultimately decided not to get it. I assumed it worked great.
    Your spools are wonderful. I love your saturated colors and their combinations.

  8. Your Hunters Star quilt looks fantastic and nearly at the big 100 for KLosjes - well done!

    A big Happy Birthday to your mum from me, have a lovely week with her.