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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Presents, Autumn and Quilts


It has been a nice week and a bit like Christmas with my PIC back home- We caught up with all she had been up to and was given some lovely pressie's from her trip.
I have Blackbird Designs book - Country Inn and personally autographed by Barb and Alma, how about that! A Schnibbles pattern , Straw needles a lovely yard of Jo Morton's Covey Toile and you all know how I love a bit of Toile.
I also got a Buggy Barn pattern and my very own traveling coffee mug from the Buggy Barn courtesy of Adrian- Sue's husband.
That will be put to good use next weekend when I head off down to Cornwall and you know the other daft thing I am so pleased about is I have a Buggy Barn brown paper bag. When Lori sent me the gift of a glue pen a few weeks ago- I got just as excited that it came in a Stitchin Post bag. How sad am I. I must get out more.

I also collected four quilts from Rosemary at Frome Valley quilting so a whole load of binding is going to be going on.

So on the sewing front I decided I didn't have anything autumn like to start putting my little treasure I collect when I am walking Mery- I love this time of year when autumns bounty abounds. So I set too and made this table runner to lay the fruits of the Horse Chestnut tree on to.I also picked lots of blackberries that were washed and put into the freezer for when I get the urge to make a blackberry and apple pie. Next month it will be pumpkin time so the table runner will come in useful for that too.

You wouldn't have believed it was Autumn yesterday - I went into Cheltenham and from the photos you will see it looks like the height of summer. The picture is taken in the Imperial Gardens behind the Town Hall- Look at all those beautiful regency houses in the background and I couldn't resist taking a picture of Gustav Holst who wrote The Planets and was born in Cheltenham in 1874.

Till next time


  1. Hi Sue, what is a PIC? I have been dubbing and dubbing, but can't figure it out.
    Your table runner looks like the right thing this time of year - I love how you decorate it. The pile of quilts looks very impressive ...

    Happy stitching!

  2. What lovely treasures in each photo Sue and I reckon your PIC knows you very well.
    Love Shirley.x

  3. You are so welcome Sue---and if you're very good + very patient, there might be a couple of more goodies coming your way!
    Tineke,PIC = Partner in Crime.Sue + I are as bad as each other when it comes to anything + everything to do with quilts!

  4. What a treasure trove you got! I love the table runner, too. What pattern is that?

  5. I must admit I wondered what PIC was - then remembered that Sue was on her way to see you the other day, after she had called on us. It didn't take much longer to figure out! She brought you back some lovely things -

  6. I love all your pressies Sue, and those quilts all stacked like that look so so nice.

  7. That pile of quilts looks very impressive and I love your table runner - fabulous colours. Cheltenham looks beautiful at this time of year and I am feeling a bit nostalgic as it was this time last year that we were on our way to England - it is a fabulous time to visit. Take care.

  8. Busy girl! I love your table runner, very nice combination of fabrics.
    You are so right about the weather, we have been having some beautiful summer days:)