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Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Wedding Day

May I introduce you to my new DIL Emily.

It really was a perfect day for them the sun shone and everyone behaved themselves including the adults. LOL

Of course the day was tinged with sadness because of DH but Neil, Emily and I went to the nursing home after the ceremony to have some photo's with him.
I'm afraid none of us could hold it together emotionally - including the photographer. If DH had any moment of insight he would have known how much he is loved and missed by us.
All I am doing is  posting heavy on the photo's and hope you enjoy sharing a little bit of an English country wedding.


I think they are happy!

Almost a royal veil

Me and my lovely friend Dawn who lives in North Carolina

Beautiful fresh rose wreath on the walled garden gate

More beautiful table decorations

Me and Emily's father

Agh  and here we have my PIC and her other half

The Cake.
Guest's arriving for dinner

Emily's mother looking wonderful in turquoise silk
Rodger - Dawns other half who came from NC for the wedding.


  1. Such lovely photographs Sue - you must be so proud! x thank you for posting them on here x

  2. Sue, what a beautiful day!!! And such georgous bride and groom!! Who needs royal!!! Thanks for sharing the photos. Linda. With tears in my eyes!!

  3. What a lovely wedding. Everyone looks wonderful and it looks like such a gorgeous location. And how exciting to be adding a new daughter-in-law to the family!

  4. Congratulations !! it looked like a beautiful day and a vey happy one, the flowers, dress and cake are stunning :)

  5. Hi Sue,
    it's so lovely you've shared this happy day with us, I enjoyed the photo's and send my best wishes to the happy couple...and you look divine.
    Margaret x

  6. looks like a very lovely wedding, the location is beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing this special day with us

  7. Everything looks wonderful your friend could be there from the states.

  8. GORGEOUS wedding!~
    and you look so elegant and beautiful! I LOVE your outfit! wow!~stunning~
    I've enjoyed scrolling through (way back for me, sorry) and catching up on your very lovely blog tonite!!!! :)

  9. Sue, thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. The wedding event looks like it was perfect. Each detail lovely, and the bride and groom definitely look happy. Congratulations to the newly weds. ~ Sarah

  10. What a beautiful couple they make and yes, they look very very happy. Your outfit looks gorgeous Sue and what a beautiful setting for a wedding. Thank you for sharing your special day with us.

  11. Your photos capture what I think is a dream wedding. Your son and his bride do look very happy which must give you enormous joy. What more can a mother want? Congratulations to them both. Your suit is just lovely.

  12. Wow Sue everything looked absolutely gorgeous! the cake and dress, the flowers and the hall - all stunning.
    You looked marvelous too! I love your outfit and the fascinator is fantastic, truly
    What a special day. I'm sorry about your DH I'm sure it was hard and brought to focus what is lost there.
    sending hugs and congrats to you and all!

  13. The photos are lovely and the Mother of the Groom looks stunning - what a great outfit. You look like you had a wonderful day though a few sad moments. Take care.

  14. What a beautiful day to treasure, Sue!
    I'm sure Dick would have loved it too and spending the day with his beautiful bride. You are a lovely woman inside and out!!

  15. Thanks for sharing sue, it looks like you had a great day and gained a beautiful DIL. You looked stunning!

  16. Congratulations to the happy couple, they are delightful and so in love!
    The grooms mother looks so chic, love the fascinator, and the rose wreath on the garden gate(!) what a lovely feature.
    I'm so happy for you all, thank you for sharing this special day.

  17. So beautiful, every picture is delightful. What treasured times!

  18. Sorry, a bit behind with blogging!
    It all looks beautiful, Sue! The happy couple, the venue, the cake, the flowers...even the weather was on your side :) I bet you are wondering where did the day go. Thanks for sharing.
    But, wow, I love you jacket!!!!

    Oh, and lovely pictures of your garden in your last post:)

  19. It looks like it was a wonderful day Sue. Lovely memories I'm sure. Mal p.s. you looked gorgeous