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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Still Finding Time

With my son's wedding fast approaching I am still finding a bit of time to slot in a bit of sewing.

I look at  this photo taken of my son last weekend and thought how young and handsome he still looks. He's my only child and cherish him even though we often don't see eye to eye. I guess that is because we are a lot alike.
Where have the last 35 years gone, I still see him as a boy and he is a man and just embarking on the most important day of his life.
Civil War block 19 Missouri Star

As for the sewing I have finished my Civil War block 19 Missouri Star and saw on Kathie's blog on the 23rd April that she had made a lovely little churn dash quilt set in some red floral fabric. I knew I had some of that red somewhere and after sorting through some boxes found it so now I am making one too.
Kathie's are 3in block whereas mine are 5in finished , I think I have decided to set mine a little differently too but Kathie's was certainly the inspiration for mine. Thanks Kathie.
Kathie's Churn Dash

Talking about sorting through boxes - Look what turned up .I started the Prickly Star blocks back in 2005.They now deserves to be on the sewing bucket list!
The quilt was on the front cover of Better Homes and Gardens Patchwork and quilting back in October 2004 and is by Cindy Blackberg.
Prickly Stars

Well I really am on count down to the wedding ,This time next week after all the planning it will be over, But I  am lucky I will have gained a wonderful DIL.

Till Next Time



  1. oh thats so nice to read I inspired you to make a churn dash little quilt too!
    yeah!!!! isn't that red fabric just the best?
    OH my the prickly stars are just beautiful. I remember that quilt oh yes you need to finish that too.
    I can't believe the wedding is only a week away, amazing isn't it?
    Enjoy every minute of it.

  2. I am excited for you Sue and will be thinking of you next weekend. Have a wonderful time and wish the newlyweds every happiness from me in Australia.

  3. Yes, Sue, your son is very good looking :))
    I am surprised that you can find any time to stitch this week, next week will fly by!
    Make most of the very special day,just enjoy it, it goes too quickly, before you'll know it will be all over, but a lovely memory. I know, I have been there. One very beautiful and a perfect day behind me (my daughter's),another one (my son's)hopefully somewhere in the future.
    From me too, very best wishes to your son and his bride!

  4. Your Stars all are great. Congrats on the wediing. Relax and make sure you get to enjoy the affair.

  5. A wonderful DIL is a great addition to a family. My best to all of you! I have my fingers crossed that I won't have to wait too much longer for one of my own. I love your brown churn dashes with the red fabric. Now you and Kathie have inspired me.

  6. Your prickly stars are so perfect! Cindy always has patterns I want to make. Hope you enjoy the next week's festivities.

  7. Oh how exciting! Neil is a very handsome man and you are lucky to be gaining one more into the family.
    Your churn dashes are so cute! They are the best block.
    I'm so glad you got out the prickly stars. They are wonderful blocks and deserve some attention;)

  8. Oh You must be so excited for the wedding! Enjoy and savor every moment.
    Your little churn dashes are great and i love the prickly star pattern. I filed it away hoping to make one some day - Love yours!

    p.s. your son looks so happy and handsome - best wishes to him.

  9. Love all the blocks - best wishes for the wedding and enjoy the day!

  10. Your little churn dash blocks are lovely - it's such a beautiful red print. Kathie's blog is chuck-full of inspiration.
    I smiled when I saw your prickly stars. I made a block from that magazine pattern years ago for an exchange and have always meant to make that pattern up for myself. Your stars look wonderful!
    I hope everything goes well with the wedding!!

  11. Sue, it is such fun to see what you are up to. These quilt blocks are lovely. Can't wait to see the finished quilts.
    Best wishes for the wedding week. ~ Sarah

  12. Enjoy every moment of the lead up and the wedding day! All the best for the whole family.

    Love your blocks. I haven't tried to make a churn dash block before.

  13. That is a lovely photo. Enjoy the run up to the wedding, enjoy the day and all good wishes to the Bride and Groom!