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Monday, 2 May 2011

Almost Caught Up

Block 13 Little Blue Basket

Block 15 Fort Sumter

Fox and Geese

Block 16 White House

Block 17 Comfort Quilt
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Well I am almost caught up with my Civil War blocks. Just have this weeks to make to bring me completely up to date.

I haven't really felt like doing much sewing over the weekend- Friday I was glued to the television watching William and Kate's wedding and what a beautiful sight it was. I thought the dress was amazing - very simply understated and clearly a couple very much in love.

Just waiting to get the low down on the event from an insider's point of view as I have  a friend who was lucky enough to be invited  to the Westminster Abbey part of it.

We are on count down here to our own family wedding. Just can't believe where the time is going.

I collected the last piece of my outfit at the weekend so I am set. You will have to wait and see what it is like but can tell you I have a very nifty fascinater

In the run up to it over the next couple of week I am going to have less and less time for sewing so if you don't hear from me for a while I have gone into wedding mode.


  1. Your blocks are lovely. This quilt is going to have a very feminine feel to it. Best wishes for the wedding. Can't wait to see a photo of you in your outfit!!

  2. I just love your blocks - soft, repro fabrics. Beautiful!
    How exciting to have inside information on the Royal Wedding. It was such a happy day, wasn't it? Just what we all needed, I think.

  3. I still have to do this week's block...good luck with the wedding planning. I'm sure your outfit is wonderful!

  4. I like basket blocks for quilts. I like your basket a lot.

  5. Lovely blocks! I, too, was in front of the TV watching the royal event. Such a handsome couple! Best wishes for the wedding ahead in your family. I look forward to seeing your outfit. ~ sarah

  6. Your blocks are great and the choices of fabric are very nice. Calm.

  7. Blocks are looking good Sue. Loved the wedding too and yours will be great also. Enjoy the day.

  8. Love your fabrics in your blocks. Good luck with the wedding!

  9. Have a wonderful time with all the wedding activities.
    I can't wait to see your facinator. That is my favorite head piece. I tried some on at the mall last week, but have no where to wear one.
    I thought the wedding was really beautiful.
    My daughter and I ate scones and crumpets.

    Congrats to your son - can't wait to see photos.

  10. I've never heard of a nifty fascinater! I cna't wait to see it.
    When is your son's wedding?
    Great blocks!!

  11. The blocks are beautiful, lovely fabrics! I really enjoyed the wedding - very absorbing. Enjoy yours too! Look forward to seeing some photographs! x

  12. Your blogs are wonderful!! Love the fabric and colours!!

  13. Sue your blocks are wonderful and so are your past posts and all of your lovely projects!!!! Best wishes at your sons wedding.

    "Happy Mothers Day",

    :) Carolyn