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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Blue and White Baskets

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After visiting the Red and White Exhibition in New York in March I thought about the impact those red and white quilts had had on me. I then tried to visualize whether a blue and white exhibit would have had the same impact.
Not so sure on that one as their are so many different blues whereas the turkey red was all the same.

I love basket quilts and this one caught my eye on Ebay in 2004. The description the seller gave was that it was a Kentucky quilt and in fine condition. It is in fine condition but I guess without provenance it could have been made anywhere although it did come from Owensboro KY.
If anyone can give me any ideas to it's age I would appreciate it it.

I still really love this quilt just for it's simplicity.

Enjoy a little bit of eye candy.


  1. Love your blue baskets but then I'm a bit of a basket case at the moment with 2 basket quilts on the go...

  2. Love blue and white but I agree, I'm not sure if 651 blue and whites would have enough impact. However, if anyone does it?

  3. Beautiful blue and white baskets, I am becoming a big fan of two colour quilts.

  4. Thanks for sharing this lovely quilt. Blue and whites are my favorite 2 color quilts, but I agree - I don't think they would have the same impact for a show. Sorry I can't help with the dating.

  5. I think it could be interesting in a different way if the blue styles/shades were grouped and you saw the "blue evolution."

    Of course they could try to do just indigos...that could be beautiful too!

  6. Sorry I forgot to comment on your quilt! (shouldn't comment before my second cup of coffee...)

    The blues looks like a solid fabric in the photo. Based on that and the pattern I think it may be circa 1910. We were going through a "colonial revival" period so quilts were popular however they were being made in solid fabrics and the patterns were simpler in response to the over-the-top styles of the last quarter of the prior century.

  7. Lovely quilt, Sue, whatever its origin, so much work in it. But I must admit, it is not quite the same as red and white :)

  8. Maybe a blue and white exhibit would't have the same impact but it all depends on what you would want the exhibit to convey to the viewer. The red and white quilts said "drama" to me. Blue and white speaks "peace".

  9. Very nice basket quilt. I would guess 1900's. Can you tell the width of the goods used for backing? Any additional details on the binding?
    Thank you for sharing this treasure!

  10. I've pondered if blue and white would have been as effective, and while I think it would be great it wouldn't have packed the same punch that the r&w did.
    Your basket quilt is lovely!

  11. I find it interesting that many say they prefer blue and white to red and white. I have to agree that a blue/white show would not have had the same impact. The red/white really popped and was energetic. I think blue/white would be more meditative and calming. Nice, but different. Who can resist a basket quilt. I have a light peach colored one that looks very similar to yours. I prefer your blues to my peaches.

  12. Sue, I, too, love baskets quilts. Always thought I'd piece one, but so far I haven't. ;-)
    Your blue and white basket quilt is lovely. My favorite quilts are white and a single color. I've a fe blue and white quilts, all American made. It would be nice if all quilters would have thought to sign and date their work. ~ sarah

  13. What a beautiful 2 color basket quilt! I love blue and white quilts. The quilting looks quite wonderful too.

  14. What a gorgeous blue and white quilt!
    It looks so inviting, I could lay right down and sleep on it.
    How was the big wedding? I've been thinking of you as I start my gardening this year.

  15. I agree with other comments that a blue and white Q show would have been enjoyable, but not as vibrant and energetic as the red-and-white one appeared to be.
    I'm hoping to make a basket quilt or two this year, and this one is a sweet example. I'm no help with dating it, but Dawn's suggestion about the width of the backing and looking at the binding both make sense.