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Monday, 30 May 2011

Compton Verney

Entrance to Compton Verney

The Lake

One of 4 beauties adorning the bridge

Delicious lunch

Have been feeling very flat this week after last weekends wedding- My PIC obviously thought about how I might be feeling so suggested a little outing in the week. Thank you Sue.

We took off to COMPTON VERNEY to see the exhibition of Alfred Wallis and Ben Nicholson. I can't believe I have never been there before . It is only 50 minutes from home and is a very lovely place to visit.
We not only saw Wallis and Nicholson naive paintings but the exhibition of Wool Work a Sailors Art.
These were really interesting some of the detailing in the work was very intricate and they obviously took what they were doing very seriously.
Sorry no photos allowed inside Compton Verney except for the Cafe' where we enjoyed a delicious lunch.

I should be over the moon this week as I have sold my house and in fact this has happened all to quickly and am now wondering what the hell I am doing. Nowhere to go as yet and am hoping some lovely little house is going to come onto the market over the coming weeks so I can snap it up just like mine has been.
Contracts have been exchanged and I am here until the beginning of August . Not sure much sewing will be going on over the next few months as I have a lot of clearing and sorting to do over the coming weeks.

Heard from my son and DIL last night and they haven't to date had the most brilliant of honeymoons . He has had food poisoning and they arrived in Orlando on the second part of the honeymoon at 6am Saturday to find that the whole of their reservation had somehow been cancelled , As it is memorial weekend this took a bit of sorting out. I think the Virgin Atlantic may have a serious complaint when they get home!

Even if I am not posting for a while I will still be following what you are all up too.


  1. What a lot going on at the moment Sue! I expect you'll find somewhere that is just right for you. Things have a habit of working out for the best - are you staying in the same area? Take care! J & S x

  2. Yay! I think a day out was a good lift. It looks like a gorgeous day and the weather looked lovely too.

  3. I feel your pain when it comes to moving...hope all goes well. I'll say a prayer just the right little house comes available for you!

  4. Gosh Sue, what news. Good luck with finding a house, exciting but scary! I agree about Compton Verney, I visited it a few years ago and had never heard of it before but it is super! Don't be away too long?

  5. Sue, sounds like your life is full of changes. I wish you luck finding the perfect house to make your new home. I, too, need to clean out. We've been in this house since 1995, and I've filled it up. We look on occasion with thoughts of moving. Never an easy decision. All the best to you ~ Sarah

  6. how exciting selling your house so fast! hope you find that perfect little english cottage ;)
    Glad Sue took you out for the day being with friends does a lot for the spirits
    sorry to hear about your son , hope he was better quickly

  7. Good to have a PIC looking after you - I lived through a major move last year and my thoughts are with you.
    Repeat - change is a good thing, change is a good thing - then have a nap.

  8. What a lovely day with your friend, thank you for sharing your tasty lunch :)
    A big news about your house!! Lets hope something turns up in time !
    Sorry to hear about your son, hopefully it did not spoil their time too much :)

  9. The grounds at Compton Verney look glorious. Would love to see more. Your outing sounds like just the ticket to lift your spirits. No wonder you are a bit down, though, selling your home is a huge emotional step. All the best for a successful search for a new place to put down roots. K