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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Autumn Outings

Looking Across The Malverns to the Cotswold Escarpment
MERY enjoying herself

What sort of story could this Conestoga Wagon tell

Glorious Autumn Colour
Autumn has been wonderful this week and on Tuesday I meet a friend at the Malvern Hills for a lovely walk. It is a steep climb but once you get to the top their are marvelous views looking across Worcestershire to the Cotswold hills in the distance.

As usual Mery enjoyed every minute of it and spent a good deal of her time rubbing her face along the grass and just generally being a delinquent teenager.

So today we set off for Bath to visit the special quilt exhibition at the American Museum that has been on since May. I thought it was about time I got my skates on and visited before it closes next week.
As usual no photography allowed but all the quilts are in the book. CLASSIC QUILTS from The American Museum.
Their were several I could have bought home with me but my favourite was a Whigs Defeat with a white background and the Whigs Defeat block in red, yellow and green.It also has a applique flower border round the edge.

The museum is set within the most beautiful grounds looking over a valley and I wondered what story the Conestoga wagon could tell. Had it been used to go west, their begs a question.

On driving back I decided to stop off at WESTONBIRT ARBORETUM to see the autumn trees in all their glory and what a site it was . Absolutely breathtaking.


  1. Sue, lovely photos. And here I thought Malvern Hill was just a line of fabrics! That Classic Quilts book is my favorite quilt book. Lucky you to see the exhibit.

  2. It looks like a gorgeous day! Wow! What a view!!!
    How fun to have the opportunity to see the exhibit.

  3. Hi Sue, I am glad you enjoyed your day at American Museum too, seems you had a brighter day then we did, lovely pictures. I have not yet been to Westonbirt Arboretum, must do that soon.
    Congratulations on your 100th post!

  4. Hello Sue from Australia. Four years ago I was taking beautiful autumn photographs in your Lake District, what a thrill it was for us to see UK. We went to Bath but I don't remember seeing an American Museum, but then there was so much to see in so little time.

  5. Glad you enjoyed your trip to the American Museum, that is one of my favorite quilt books.
    Oh the fall colors are just the best aren't they?
    we went up to NY State yesterday and the drive was beautiful, just so colorful, the peak will be in a week or two but still it was so inspirational.

  6. Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing!

  7. Sue, you do live a lovely spot. Thanks for sharing the photos. ~ Sarah

  8. How fun to see the Cotswolds again...I lived on Breedon Hill for several years and saw the sun set on the Malverns!

  9. Beautiful Sue, thanks for sharing these lovely pictures. Fall is such a wonderful time of the year for traveling.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog regarding our trip to Galena. We had a wonderful trip and the weather was beautiful! Hope you enjoy my post on Thursday as I share "Galena" with all my blogging freinds like you!