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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Whats on the bed

I have had a little change of whats on the bed. This red and white is another find from Rennigers at Mount Dora, Florida.

It was January and the most awful grey day- raining so hard that DH and I had to wear our bright yellow plastic ponchos that you buy at the theme parks.(Got the picture) not a fashion item but keep you dry.

I was determined to go this day as you can always find something quilt related to buy and that day I found this red and white quilt.
Nothing fancy just plain and simple but I do love two colour quilts.

Puzzling thing about this quilt is it is a nine patch with interspersed snowball blocks - but as you can see the triangles on the corners have been sewn in the corner seams but whipped stitched on one edge. The whole quilt is like this and as first I wondered if the half square triangles were added to the corners as an after thought , but It couldn't have been because the blocks are sewn in to the rest of the quilt.
So their is another hidden story, Why did she do that?I have no real idea of age- probably 1930's but not really sure.
The dealer I bought it from was from Pennsylvania and that is where she said it was purchased .


  1. Very fascinating indeed. I love the bold design and colour.

  2. I LOVE this quilt-so simple, so beautiful.
    By the way, please may I swap my untidy bedroom for yours?!

  3. I love red and white quilts!! This one was worth the yellow poncho!!

  4. Beautiful!
    I love the crisp clean look of a red and white quilt and this one is lovely!
    that whip stitch is a total mystery.

  5. I love red and white quilts!
    hmmm that sure is a mystery why she would have appliqued those down
    a conversation piece thats for sure!

  6. How interesting! What ever the reason, it is a lovely looking quilt and goes well into your room.

  7. Gorgeous quilt and very inspirational blog your have.
    I have been admiring your KLOSJES and wanting to start a new project.So beautiful blocks you have. Am searching for information as 'how' to start it.
    I am your new follower.

  8. A good find. I haven't been to Rennigers in years.

  9. That's a lovely quilt - how are your 'klosjes' coming on? Have you got any further with those you joined together?
    Gina - if you put 'klosjes' into Google you will find some sites with instructions!

  10. Interesting-I appraised an 1870 red/green irish chain with similar construction. In setting/ alternating squares, the 3 corner squares were joined together by hand piecing then hand appliquéd to background square.
    Maybe both were seen as a way to avoid more cutting and piecing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Sue,
    Love your red & white quilt,perfect for that room.

  12. What a funny little quirk that stitching is. Boy, I love the room. I can come up with white paint and red/white textiles but that window is something I can only dream about. Such a wonderful setting!