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Monday, 18 October 2010

Toile Reel


I said in a previous post you would all have to wait and see what border I had for this quilt. Well as you can see I found a little bit of TOILE de JOUY. Oh how I love thee let me count the ways as Elizabeth Barrett Browning said.
Now the big debate. Does it need another half square triangle border round the outer edge? Answers please on a post card( NO in the comments section)

Barb from Fun with Barb and Mary asked me how big the block was. It is a 6 in cut block making it 5 1/2 inc finished- Don't ask me how I got this odd size I should have made it 6 1/2 . Thankfully the math worked out that I could use 1 1/2 finished triangles . If I add another border they will have to be 2inch finished to make it fit.

Looking forward to your answers.

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  1. Who would have thought you would choose toile for the border!!! hahaha You are the toile queen aren't you? I love it!! Do you really want to wait for a postcard to arrive before making your border decision? ;)

  2. It looks practically perfect Mary Poppins. The toile is the perfect partner and it looks great and I don't think it needs anything else. It is personal choice though.
    Love Shirley.x

  3. The toile gorgeous with it! and I'm not just saying that because I love all toile, it really is a perfect pairing.
    What a wonderful quilt

  4. I like the setting fabric used with the blocks. Really looks like an old quilt. I found the pattern for the reel blocks free on the internet a few days ago.

  5. beautiful love the colors you chose.
    I really love the border,
    one of my favorite blocks..

  6. I love the toile in the border. It really complements the blocks without upstaging them. You chose well! I was so delighted to see your finished quilt top. It's every bit as enchanting as I thought you would make it!

  7. The quilt looks wonderful and I love your choice of toile for the border. If it was my quilt I would probably stop there but not without a lot of agonising.

  8. This whole quilt came together nicely! I love the toile and the scrappiness of the whole thing as well.

  9. Lovely quilt, I like your choice of fabrics:)

  10. Love that toile bird print and it is a lovely quilt. Wondering what a red/white or red/black 1/2 triangle border would do? The red reads quite strong and that might pull it all together for a fab. finish.