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Friday, 1 October 2010

More Toile Medallions

Where have I been you might ask?. I have been to Cornwall this past week. Two days I took a Toile Medallion Workshop at Cowslip Workshops for Jo and I spent the remainder of the week - By The Seaside Beside The Sea as the song goes.
The ladies worked extremely hard to get as much of the quilt done in the two days and some carried on at home in the evening to get ahead of the game.
This pattern is from Patchalot Patterns and Marcie kindly has given me permission to teach it. We have made a few adaptations along the way and some of the ladies go on to make the quilt much bigger and all in all they have done a great job and I can't wait to see them finished when I go back to Cornwall next.

Mery and I enjoyed long walks on the beach and she really enjoyed laying around in the the small pools that form in the sand as it was quite warm.

We had marvelous fish and chips from Rick Stein's fish and chip shop in Padstow and I meet up with Jo and Stephen on Bodmin Moor at a lovely pub where we enjoyed Moules.

I should feel bright eyes and bushy tailed after a week away but the drive back in pouring rain was horrible and has left me feeling shattered I will sleep like a log tonight

I must now catch up with what you have all been up to over the past week and I will post more later.
Till next time.


  1. Beautiful quilts, every one of them!

  2. Fantastic quilts, Sue. That must have been a busy 2 day class!!

  3. Sue, these are lovely. If I lived on your side of the pond, I would have joined this class. What a great opportunity. My favorite ~ the 7th photo.
    But each one is beautiful. ~ Sarah

  4. Molto, molto brave le signore!
    Complimenti anche all'insegnante!

  5. Well done to you and your ladies Sue. I knew there would be some stunning results from this class. Have a restful weekend.
    Love Shirley.

  6. wonderful quilts, I really like the reds ones
    thanks for sharing these

  7. A wonderful workshop Sue and what a motivated group of students. They are all beautiful quilts but like Sarah I am particularly taken with the red quilt in the 7th photo - what an amazing toile fabric. You deserve a well earned rest!

  8. All the quilts are SO pretty,Sue.My fav is the same one as Sarah + Frances picked out,but I'd happily live with any one of them!

  9. Lovely to see what we did Sue. They all look lovely. Thanks for a super weekend.

  10. Those quilts are positively inspiring! What a great job everyone did. I love seeing the variations! Well done everyone!

  11. Gosh what a delight this is! My first visit here and I've really enjoyed it. Brilliant. :)

  12. It sound that you had a go time in Cornwall, it seems that we were driving in the opposite direction! Exeter would had been worth visiting, but on the whole there wasn't all that much for quilters, it was very general. From the point of patchwork & quilting, spring show is much better.

  13. I am a fan of toile so these quilts appeal to me very much.