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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Remember These

Do you remember these- I went off at steam making these block when the fabric arrived. They got put away when I was going off to Paducah and have remained put away until last week when I decided that I really must crack on finish them.

I am going to sew all the blocks together then put a sawtooth border round the edge and then a nice border fabric which I have but you will have to wait and see what it is.

5 Klosjes this week total now 117.

I have been really busy this week as The Cheltenham Literature Festival has been on since last weekend and runs right through to this coming Sunday.
The literature festival is said to now be the biggest in Europe - The events run all day from 9am through to 10pm at various venues around the town.
On Sunday I went to see Sir Michael Caine talk about his latest autobiography- He was wonderful no heirs and graces -what you see is what you get.
Tonight I am off to see Fiona Phillips who has written a book on her parents both having Alzheimer's and then on to hear one of my favourite men -Sir Michael Parkinson. I managed to have my photo with him a couple of years ago, He is so charismatic -My son is worried that I am becoming his stalker (HA) In my dreams.

Till Next Time


  1. I love those blocks and am so happy to see them again!
    Your spools keep adding up!
    The Lit festival sounds like a great time. I love books!

  2. I can tell I'm going to love this quilt. Love the color combination of the applique blocks and setting squares. How neat to get to see Michael Caine! I loved him in Cider House Rules and Hannah and Her Sisters.

  3. I looked back to see what I could find out about your applique blocks. I have been wanting to use Civil War fabrics for a similar block and was wondering how it would look. This answers my question. I like them very much.

  4. Sue,

    Your calendars are on the way; I hope that you enjoy them. Thanks for ordering, and I do hope that they make it there as "gifts."

    All best wishes,


  5. I'm glad to see you're working on those lovely blue blocks again.
    Ohhhh -- to see Sir Michael Caine in person -- I would love to be able to do that. I've admired his work since his career began. Lucky lady!

  6. That red fabric will set off your blocks nicely -
    They look great. I really like this block, what size did you make it? It looks on the small size which is so appealing.

  7. Love those blocks and the red fabric is just perfect.
    I can only imagine how fantastic it would be to see Michael Parkinson IRL lucky you.