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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Jo Mortons Ravenswood


Just to tease , This is what I have decided to do with my Ravenswood fabric. I always loved this little quilt on the front of Jo's book. So I have enlarged the centre applique block by 125% and have appliqued them on with a machine fine blanket stitch. My friends that know me well know I don't have the patience to hand applique so this is my solution. I went on line and had a look at Jo Mortons website last night and notice she does have this little block in another quilt called Rachels Reel.Today I am home for most of the day so hopefully will get a few more blocks done.
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  1. Your blocks are stunning, so is that black fabric. I hope I get to see some of it here.

  2. What lovely blocks. I think a buttonhole stitch is a great solution if you don't want to needleturn.
    The fabric is also so beautiful, even if it is black!!

  3. Love those blocks Sue and like the idea of little framed quilts.

  4. Are you talking about a machine blanket stitch? That is my style! I love that block too!