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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Spring Is Here

    Well at last spring seems to have sprung. I Have spent some time in the garden this week, Cutting the leaves from around the Hellebore's so you can see them more easily. The only thing missing is the daffodils that are only just coming up . According to the news we are 4 weeks behind normal gardening schedule. It really has been cold no wonder the dafs decided to keep a low profile. Hopefully it is warming up some more this week which is good thing as it is Gold Cup Festival here in the Cotswold's. The town of Cheltenham will be packed with racegoers from all over the world. I even have guest's coming to my guest cottage from Melbourne , Australia. My Uncle and cousin will also pay me their yearly visit for a few days, They are keen racegoers so lets hope they have some hot tips for me. Probably not much sewing will be going on this week, More cooking and catching up with family life.Now that's not a bad thing.
Till next time.
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  1. Hello Sue,
    What a wonderful colour that hellebore is. When we first moved to Taunton 20+ years ago there were daffs in the garden and it was February 1st. This year they are still thinking about putting in an appearance.
    Best wishes

  2. That flower looks black - very striking! I grew up in Melbourne before I moved to the country.

  3. Is that a chocolate flower? Mmmm!