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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

V&A Quilts 3

Well I have decided to post the pictures that I took at the V&A in 2005 as these pictures are in the books and I am seeing them elsewhere. So at the risk of being transported to sunnier clim's here they are.
The quilts were taken from draws and laid out on a table so couldn't get height and distance shots, I do however think this is good as you can get a better idea of the fabrics. I am working my way through the book that goes with the exhibition so am learning a bit more of the history.


  1. If you get into trouble, can I join you in sunnier climes?!The first quilt is my absolute favourite-- I loved all the fabrics + thought it was wonderful to get a glimpse at the back of it in the exhibition. I wonder why it was never finished-- to get to that stage + not finish it--I wonder what happened to the maker?

  2. Beautiful quilts! I like the close up of the clamshell one.