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Thursday, 11 March 2010


Rummaging around in the UFO'S box I found this little quilt top I had started from Kathleen Traceys American Doll Quilts . You may also like to read Kathleens blog.Her blog just makes me smile.
It must of been made in a hurry,(Which a lot of things were) when I had my quilt shop. I know I wasn't happy with mine as I hadn't placed my triangles the right way round so it just got tucked away. I think it deserves to come back out and I either UN-SEW it and reset it correctly or live with it and always think to myself that was a learning curve. I don't know about you but I still have lots and lots of those LOL. Have you noticed the centre square.
Well would you beleive it a little bit of TOILE :-)

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  1. If the directions of the triangles still bother you I think you should fix it!! It is so cute!!

  2. sometimes when i find a "mistake" within one of my doll quilts i just think of it as one of those charming ways that my inner child has of reminding me to "just relax and enjoy life". after all, none of my dollies has ever complained . . .

    seriously though, i find that the antique/vintage doll quilts within my collection that have imperfections always inspire my imagination about the maker even more than the perfect ones do. i wonder: was she very young, inexperienced, maybe in a hurry to get to play with the little quilt (and the dollies that it would cover) . . . and before you know it i've imagined a whole story (or two) about the maker and her world.


  3. Lovely!
    I made this little quilt from this book with the Lewis and Clark repro toile' - I love your version!
    it's a great book, isn't it?