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Sunday, 21 March 2010

V&A Quilts

Sue looking very happy with her purchases from the V&A shop.

Although I was very tired last night I just couldn't get to sleep. I was re-living my day at the V&A . Walking myself through the exhibition and recalling in my mind what I had seen. It was a real feast for the eyes and in the early hours feast for my mind. I had defiantly had tooooo much stimulation for one day. ( I must get out more):-)

Sue Prichard and her team have certainly done a fantastic job in putting this exhibition together. It has been a long time in the making. As far back as October 2005 my friend Sue (PIC) and I had a backhouse tour at the V&A of some of the quilts with Sue P. Sorry if this is confusing but the three of us are all Sue's. Back then Sue was planning this exhibition and it has been a long time coming.

The quilts in the book that go with the exhibition are a bit dark compared to the real thing. I loved the early quilts for the variety of fabrics in them and it is hard to believe we were printing the variety of fabrics in the UK back in the 1700 and 1800's.
I loved the Rajah Quilt which is on loan from Australia and was made by convict women on the ship that was transporting them to their new life down under.

When I was at the museum with Sue P in 2005 she did allow me to take photos of some of the quilts but am not sure if I can legally post them here in my blog so will check out the legal requirements. Hey you wouldn't want to see me transported to Australia for a minor offense now would you :-)

I have also to say a big thank you online to my friend Sue's husband who dog sat Mery for me whilst we went. Not sure if he reads quilting blogs but pretty sure it will be passed on. Also a sorry to them for Mery chasing the cat down the garden. I hope she isn't still up the tree.

When we left the V&A we walked through Knightsbridge and Hyde Park back to Marble Arch to catch the bus back home. I took a few pictures on route. Sue and I decided we might like one of these wonderful houses. ( WHEN WE WIN THE LOTTERY). LOL.
Till Next time.


  1. Sue, I am very pleased that you enjoyed your visit to the V&A. We are enjoying all the on-line excitement about the Exhibition and hope that other major Museums take note and put on more Quilt related activities.

    Hey, there are worse places you could be transported to in the 21st century!!!

  2. Three Sue's hanging out together?! That has to be confusing!! LOL
    It sounds lke you had a wonderful day!!

  3. Hope you will be able to post pictures of the quilts...I would love to see them...

  4. I was in Country Threads in Bath one day and someone said "Shirley" and three of us answered. We all had the same middle name too. Sounds like the exhibition is very good, glad you enjoyed it.