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Saturday, 20 March 2010

V&A Quilts 1700-2010


To London to London to visit the Queen.
No to visit the V&A quilts from 1700-2010.

What better way to celebrate National quilt Day and what a great exhibition I am very tired after a long day in London so will post again after a good nights sleep.

A very happy tired quilter.
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  1. I'm so excited for you. I have seen the catalogue book and the quilts look amazing! There was one in there that had bumble bees appliqued all around the border. Too bad England is about as far away from Australia as you can get. I would love to see those magnificent quilts.

  2. Thank you for one really memorable day Sue!
    It was great to share the experience with you and I look forward to reading tomorrow's blog.

  3. Hi Sue,
    Can't wait to hear all about quilts at the V&A.
    Lucky you. Have seen bits of snippets from various sources, all good.

  4. I bet it was wonderful!!! The few quilts I've seen online that are publisizing the exhibit are amazing!!