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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Toile de Jouy

I thought I would write about Toile de Jouy fabric. It is something I really adore because it is telling a unique story. There is a marvelous museum in France called the Musee de la Toile de Jouy. I haven't been but it is on the bucket list. LOL.

The red toile quilt in the photo is a kit I had from Whats Your Stitch N Stuff in VA. Its a pattern called Williamsburg Medallion by Marcie of Patchalot patterns.I did change her outside border and added two more so that it fits nicely on the top of my bed.This pattern went together like a dream and I went on to make a blue one as well, again changing the borders and adding more on.
Jo at Cowslip Workshops really liked it and asked me to do a 2 day workshop for her. Marcie agreed to sell me the patterns and I will post the photos of the quilts the ladies made in a further post.
The other thing is I love medallion quilts and as far as I am concerned Toile in a medallion quilt is a winning recipe
When I see Toile de Jouy fabric or items I can't help myself buying them as its so timeless. I have toile curtains and items in my home and again will post further pictures. Am I addicted to it. YES I AM!!!!!!!LOL



  1. Toile is so elegant and timeless! I really love both quilts.

  2. your quilts are beautiful and i have a question about Toile: is it always only two colors?

    i have a piece of fabric that i recently purchased that i adore but don't know if it's technically a Toile or not . . .


  3. Love your Quilts I have started making Baby Quilts but yours are just an inspiration!,love love the Toile Quilts they are timeless .