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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Breton Doll Crib


I can't believe I forgot I had this Breton doll crib. After reminiscing about the Swedish ones I saw at The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham back in 2006. Suddenly a bell went off in my head and I found her( Why am I calling this crib HER) in the bottom of the wardrobe in the guest room.
I bought it at a flea market held at a school in Quimper, France in 2001 for a few euros. We had gone to Quimper for the Quimper Club annual meeting and part of the iternary was a visit to the school who were holding the flea market. QUIMPER COLLECTING is another little sideline I used to have, I say used to as I haven't bought any for years now. It used to be a real thing with my husband and I to go to Auctions and Antique fairs to see what little treasure we could find. I still belong to the Quimper Club and have made marvelous friends throughout the USA through attending a few of the meetings. Its the thing isn't it of getting on with like minds.

Any way back to the doll cribb what happens now. I need to make a little mattress, Pillow and of course a little quilt. I am not very good at Itsy bitsy quilts so watch this space.

Till next time.
Sue, Now looking at her Quimper collection with fond memories of the thrill of the chase.
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  1. You lucky thing, to have this little crib--- seems to me you're going to be busy thinking 'small'! How come small sized things are so exquisite? Happy stitching!

  2. oh~!!~ that is absolutely gorgeous~!!~
    what fun to sew up some small accessories for it~!~