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Friday, 12 February 2010



Summer 2009 a friend and I took our holiday in New England, What is it about this place that speaks to me. I have especially fallen for the charms of Vermont and even commented to my husband on our first trip there in 2000 that I am sure I was a Vermonter in a previous life:-) Last summers trip Shelagh and I rented a house Nr Woodstock in VT . One day we headed back to Barnard by a different route - I just had to drive through Pomfret, what a pretty place and the name stuck with me.
Later on in the year at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham UK I headed off to find Fiona's stand The American Quilt Store . Their was Kathleen Tracys book Remembering Adelia , That little quilt on the front spoke to me and I knew I had some of the blue stripe fabric which I had bought at the New England Quilt Museum a couple of years ago. Well what do you think happened when I started reading the book , Adelia Thomas was not only born in Pomfret but she married a Mr Bennett which by coincidence is my maiden name. Could I have been a Vermonter in previous life? I like to think so.
I love applique but am not to keen on doing it, but am happy with my little Remembering Adelia .

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