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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Doll Quilt

The Top
The Back

I see from other blogs that their has been a lot of talk about doll quilts lately so I thought I would show you the only antique one I have- but it does have a little surprise.
I bought this little cot/doll quilt along with three other full size quilts when I was in Florida in January 2005.
We had driven up to Mt Dora to the Antiques & Collectors Extravaganza. Rennigers . I found this little quilt in a wooden crib. The dealer wanted to sell the crib to me as well, but as I couldn't carry a crib back to the UK we struck a deal and I just bought the quilt. It was a lovely little crib, I hope it found a good home eventually.

The top has late 1800's fabrics but a 1930's feedsack border. When you turn it over it is all feedsack.It has no batting in it. So what do you think happened? I guess someone took pity on the original top and decided to recycle it in the 30's.
I like it because of its naivety. Whats your thoughts?



  1. It is adorable!! I think you are right. Someone a little later decided to fix it and added the feedsacks on the back.

  2. What a bonus, two quilts in one! love the quilt, .
    I LOVE nine patches
    ah yes little quilts right now have to admit to being obsessed with them!
    thanks for sharing yours and the story behind it.