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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Some Finishing Off



Ken & Sue Quilt

Today I finished off a few projects and doesn't that feel good, Basically 2 bindings on quilts and although I finished the top off a couple of weeks ago I needed to put together a backing before it goes off to Rosemary at Frome Valley Quilting.

Bills star quilt I will take with me to give to him when I go to the nursing home tomorrow. I really hope he likes it.
The second one is to be given to the nursing home as a charity fund raising quilt. They have a summer fete in the grounds of the home in June time. I am hoping to find a spot near the entrance reception to hang it so that relatives see it and buy a raffle ticket or two on their way past . I can't remember the name of this block so please ladies help me out here and leave your answers in the comment section. I chose this design because it was quick and easy . My mum really likes it. So you have guessed it I have to make another but for a double bed and in her colours green and lilac. Not my colours AT all and I know I am going to hate working on it only because it is not my colour palette. But hey its for my mum so as they say Hey Ho.

The last one is a quilt I have made for my dear friends who look after Mery when I go away. I know she is in completley safe hands . She probaly has a better time with them as they are the real out door types and she goes in their canoe on the River Wye and also off in the caravan every weekend to somewhere remote where she can run a muck with their dog Ruby.

Sue looking forward to working back in repros asap.


  1. Way to go! I hope the quilt rasies a lot of money. I can't think of the name either but a rail fence variation is the closest I can get:)
    Woo-Hoo on the finishes!!

  2. They all look great! Thanks for sharing!