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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Textile Museum Boras

I flew to Sweden to see my dear friend Linda last autumn , She lives in a beautiful house overlooking a lake and not to far to BORAS- A textile town- On one of the days we set off to investigate the Museum and having read some time ago in Asa Wettre's book OLD SWEDISH QUILTS that the Museum had some quilts we got very excited. Alas the lady on the desk didn't seem to know anything about any quilts. I think this place is run by volunteers and she may not of known what was hidden in the archives. I thought I must have misread the book but on arriving back home, Yes it surely says the museum has quilts. I shall make it a mission the next time I go to contact the museum beforehand to see if they are accessible to the general public.
Well that didn't stop us exploring the museum - They have a huge floor of old mill machinery and on certain days you can see how the whole process of cloth is made. Of course we didn't go on that certain day. Their is also a huge collection of old Husgavarna sewing machine which was really a great thing to see. Asa Wettre put on a fabulous exhibit of old doll cribs and quilts at the Festival Of Quilts in Birmingham a few years back. If I can find any of the photos I will but them on in a later post.


  1. I'd love to see the doll and crib quilts and yes, you must call the museum next time and make arrangements to see the quilts!! The museum looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Hello! Last year I went to Gothenburg, and ├ůsa Wettre had a small exhibit there. I posted some pics, if you'd like to see them: Your blog is lovely:) Una in Norway

  3. I went all the way to Bennington in Vermont USA hoping to see the "Dear Jane" Civil War wasn't on display and they said I should have written ahead!