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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

My Welsh Quilt

I wrote about my trip to Wales last summer a few blogs back so as we are on a welsh theme at the moment I thought I would show my welsh whole cloth quilt. I love the colour its a real raspberry red and the back is a lighter pink.
I know I have it on the bed (photography purpose only) :-) but I can't sleep under it as it's far to heavy. Its kind of like having a straight jacket over the top of you and pins you down. It is so thick with its carded wool filling, how on earth someone quilted through it I shall never know. It is in very good condition and I do wonder who made it and more to the point who slept under it.
I bought it from a lady who had just moved into our village and had been a textile dealer and it came without any provenance.
I had a wonderful afternoon with her when I went to see the quilts in her collection. It was before I had a digital camera so no photos of her quilts I am afraid.

My motto now is to make more notes about the quilts I come across.
Should also add that I have know idea what it feels like to be in a straight jacket LOL.
Till next time
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  1. very pretty. I've always thought whole cloth quilts are beautiful. I can identify with the heavy quilt thing. I am working on a string quilt and it is very heavy as well. I like that feeling, but it is kind of like being pinned down. Guess its one of those things you either like or don't. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Not sure I've seen this one before, Sue---it's lovely.
    Am so enjoying your blogs.