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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Washington To Obama 220 Years

I have been seeing lots of these Commemorative quilts made from Nancy Gere's Old Glory 1V on blogs just recently so I thought I would show mine.
My friend gave me the panel of Washingtons head and the Declaration of Independance fabrics for my birthday in 2009. As my birthday was the day after the Barak Obama Inauguration took place I decided to name this quilt Washington to Obama 220 years.
I entered it in Quilts UK at Malvern in 2009 under the category the Stars and Stripes. I chose the civil war soldier block and entered the names of 13 American presidents in the centre of each block. Although it didn't win any prizes I was pleased that Chris liked it ( he is the husband of Fiona) who owns the AMERICAN QUILT STORE. Chris is American and Fiona is originally from Scotland and they come over to the UK a couple of times a year and trade at quilt shows. I always make a bee line for the stand to see what lovely repro's they have on offer.
The Obama- Biden label I have on the back was a free download from Barbara Brackmans site.
Till next time .


  1. Very nice! I see you did fan quilting, did you not quilt the upper halves with the panels?I can't tell from the photo.
    I am getting ready to layer mine but am not sure how to handle quilting over GW face!

  2. Hi Lori, I shall look forward to seeing your quilt. Have left a couple of close ups for you to look at.